Fostering Creativity


Piano Academy is a sole proprietorship that was established by Julia Oldham and a family member as an independent consultant. The studio was founded to share the passion and love for music education. The Piano Academy’s desire is to create a suitable environment that 1) develops innate talents, 2) enables the learning of music at all levels and 3) teaches how to excel in goals. The Piano Academy Scholarship emerges from this passion to mentor and give deserving students with musical abilities the opportunity to learn to play the piano.

Developing Musical Talent


The Piano Academy fosters creativity through developing musical talent in a positive environment conducive to learning to play the piano. The Piano Academy Scholarship gives deserving students in grades 3 through 8 the means to attend the academy for a full year beginning with the spring term.

Competitive Advantage


Offering students one on one instruction and not in a group setting. 

Determining each student’s competency level and providing each child with individualized assessment and planning.

Presenting each student with the opportunity to perform before an audience.



Offer piano and/or voice lessons for students twice per week at 30 minute intervals.

Offer piano and/or voice lessons for students twice per week at 45 minute intervals.

Offer piano and/or lessons for students twice per week at 60 minute intervals.



To share the love and passion of music education.


To donate time and talent toward a nursing home musical performance program.

Fostering Creativity Through Developing Musical Talent